crochet update

Two of my current crochet projects. The first will be a pillow, more about it later. The second will be a blanket, 16 of these big granny squares are done. Waiting to be stitched together. The basic pattern is from this site {klick}, but I decided to make a bigger blanket with more colors. I think these are a really good match! 


easter weekend

Easter weekend at my family's. 
We revisited the finding place of the Venus of Willendorf, a small statuette of a female figure that was made about 26.000 BCE. It looks like the statue my sister and I are leaning against, only much much smaller ;)
Hope you had a nice Easter time, too!


in the woods

We had some valuable time in the wood quarter. The air smelled so good from the freshly melted snow in the forest. Everything felt so clear and pure. Have a lovely weekend!



I turned 35 on Sunday and I started a new crochet project with this pretty pastel colored wool. It's not as smoothly to crochet with it as I thought, but I won't give up and hope to be able to show you some progress soon. Sunny is always by my side, I could not love him more. First heralds of spring pop out of the ground, but the weather is still lousy. Have a good week further on!


doily love

In the mood for doilies.


enchanted forest

A second home.


First of March

It's snowing right now!
So I will post some older pictures. This strange plant I am observing since over a year. It looked outstanding in summer and still does even though it is withered now.
I love the never-ending change of nature. Always something new to spot even though it's the same place.
R. and I are 9 years together today. Nine years!
Time to celebrate...