Last day of February.
It have been two incredible hard first months of the year.
I hope March will bring a good change.
And some spring flowers for all of you!

PS.: Sorry to all of you who await a letter from me. I hope that I can catch up soon again on writing!


observation tower

Precious memories.


dreaming of spring

Daffodils in the home are whispering to me that spring isn't that far away anymore.
And first asparagus on the plate is holding a lot of promise as well.



Some more pictures made with my old analogue camera.
The big building was an old granary. Would be nice to transform such building into a huge workplace for creative people. I just love spacious places.


weird animals

Two animal faces I just found again in my files that I haven't shown yet ;)
Enjoy your Sunday!


white paths

I picked up some analogue photos today.
Simple pleasures on the path through life.


Für Sie 05/16

There was a one-page presentation about me and my work in the German magazine "Für Sie" at the beginning of the month. People were also offered to win one of 10 postcard sets of my native flower illustrations to invite some spring atmosphere into their life.