autumn walk

Today we had the most wonderful autumn walk.
We even saw a wild boar family directly next to the street at noon.
They didn't even feel disturbed by us. So cute, the little ones!


inspiration journal part 3

Some more pages of my inspiration journal on this cold and grey Sunday. Enjoy!


garden update

The greenhouse is nearly empty now, only the luffa, some tomatoes, bitter melon and one pepino plant remained. Soon it will also be too cold for them. Before I had to clear out the outside garden beds I could harvest lots of runner beans, they developed very late this year because of the dry weather. My lithops started to bloom! What an alien plant! Last year it had one flower, this year it parted and now it has two flowers.




Have a good start into the new week!


new rug

Finally pictures of the new rug I've made
and one of Sunny, just because he is so incredible cute!



Light & plants
in the bedroom.


fly life

I  made a postcard set of my fly life illustrations.
They turned out really nice!


inspiration journal part 2

Some more pages of my inspiration journal. 


sleepy bear

Happy Sunday!


nature walk

It's getting chilly here and the sun comes out rarely.
Leaves are changing their colors and heating the stoves is becoming a routine again.
I love to make fire,  but yet I don't feel like wrapping my body in so many clothes.
Since I was able to swim really a lot this summer, I miss it, and swimming in indoor swimming pools is just not the same. I miss the feeling of smooth movement and I haven't found any other "sport" yet which fills my body with same joy.


inspiration journal

Well, pinterest is a nice tool to collect pretty things, but nevertheless I really enjoy holding something in my hands, that's why I rather read a real book than reading something on a screen and I still enjoy collecting pretty cuttings from magazines and glue them into notebooks. I thought maybe you enjoy seeing them also, so I will share some with you in the future :)
Have a wonderful day!


september snail mail

Beautifully decorated letters from Lily! Look at those stamps! Awesome!

Another lovely letter from Amalia :)

I was happy to send Mme Ulma one of my pilea babies and look what I got in return! A set of her beautiful postcards and this pretty lilac bag! If you don't know her by now, have a look at her lovely blog!

2 postcards from dear Sandra!
Lovely art and cute chihuahuas - best combination :)

A big THANK YOU to all of you!