There was that day when I found 13 five-leaf clovers. 
Enjoy the last day of July!



The greenhouse turned into a jungle
and I was able to harvest my first bitter melon.
I just love their taste even though I am normally not a fan of bitter things.
I really hope I can save seeds again, so I can continue cultivating them every year.
The first seeds I got from dear Coco from Japan. :)


butterfly notebooks

Some more little notebooks with a butterfly design that I made recently.


pilea peperomioides

Since I got my first 2 little pilea babies from Lotte in October 2013 they have grown so well and have been so productive that I was able to give away many, many pilea babies as well. I enjoy sending them via snail mail, so it happened that I sent them to many different countries like Germany, Greece, England, Croatia and even Australia. (on the picture above you can see a part of the plants I've sent away during one year)
If you are also interested in getting a pilea baby, please let me know! I have a few waiting for a new home on my window sill. Just leave me a comment!
Have a great start into the new week!


analog skies

Last months skies.
{captured on 35mm film}


Garden update

At the moment it is all about harvesting. Actually we don't know what to eat first! ;)
I have already ideas what I want to make different next year. Need to write it all down, so I won't forget. Tomatoes are also turning red now. It's fascinating how small a vegetable garden can be and how much you can get from it if you take your time to care for it. I try to save seeds again, so I won't have to buy new ones and the circle is complete. Nature is so lavishly!



My dear little sister spent the whole week with me. We made bike rides, went swimming, preserved apricots, had good long talks and just enjoyed our time together. Wished my family would live closer.
Weather is very hot again. Today it will be up to 38 degrees again. 

Before I forget again. Some time ago I needed some change, so I deleted at least 2000 pictures from my flickr album and separated my pictures, because it got quite confusingly with all the different topics and the amount of photos. On my old flickr account I left only my home + crochet pictures and I have another flickr page now with just photography (mostly nature and portraits). Feel free to follow me there if you have a flickr account also. You can always find the links on the right side of my blog.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Can you tell me…

… who made the moon?


coffee pots

Never bored to illustrate coffee and tea pots.
Have a good weekend!


home, sweet home

Well, not only outside it is growing, my plants inside are also quite happy with summer season.
I made a new seat pad doily for my vintage chair and a felt rug for Sunny. He is most obliged when it comes to my crochet rugs :) And yes, the ball he has in his little paws is also handmade.

I got a wonderful surprise in my mailbox! Lily made me a pillow case with part of the fabric that I have designed for her. This is such a sweet gesture! Thank you so much!

Finally it rained after that extreme heat wave. At the end the heat was really a challenge for the body, but luckily temperatures are moderate again now.
Wishing you a lovely day!


snail mail June

First letter is from Katyha from Australia. She sent me the cutest sticky notes!

Pretty postcards I got in return for a pilea baby.

Another sweet letter from Joy. Look at the cute crochet fish!
Go, and check out her new "All about vintage" blog!

A sweet sticker postcard from Lily + one from Sandra from her trip to Saint Louis!

And last but not least, a big surprise package from my friend Larissa.

Thank you all for continuing writing + surprising me!



All is growing –
and so am I.