more notebooks

Some more handmade notebooks I haven't shown you yet.

Snail mail May

May went by so fast!
It was a cold month,  but still full of beautiful letters
and gifts that I want to share with you!
My friend Susanna sent me a belated Birthday package full of sweet things!

Sandra sent me this pretty card and fish stickers and a origami crane :)

A long awaited letter from dear Sara

Evdokia sent me this pretty calendar and pumpkin seeds after I sent her one of my pilea babies :)

More seeds for my garden from Lotte. I already sowed them! ;)

A delicious mango and the Tirolerin magazine (that featured my flamingo breakfast board) from my friend Larissa. She also lent me a movie. Now I only need some time to watch it ;)

Pretty postcard from Lily and from Sylvie from her holiday in France!

Another sweet letter from Amalia from Greece :)

Thank you all!!!


diana mini

My second film of my diana mini camera is back from developing. This time I did not open the back of the camera before rewinding the film ;) and the photos turned out much better. I especially like that you can take double exposure like in the last two pictures. There is definitely a lot to experiment with this tiny plastic toy. Let's see how it goes further.
Happy Friday to you all!


Tirolerin 5/2015

My flamingo breakfast board was featured in the Austrian magazine Tirolerin. 
They had a flamingo theme where it fit in. Luckily my friend Larissa sent me a copy :)


garden update

This gardening year is quite different from the last one. Plants are developing different and also the problems are different. We have a quite big plant lice plague this year, not only our vegetables are affected, everything in the garden. The hedge, that we planted when we moved here, the trees, nearly all berry plants, everything. They are everywhere, even on the weeds. And because every piece of land around us is poisoned with chemical sprays, it is even harder for us. We, who don't use anything chemical to kill or avoid or fertilize. What I do is to try to strengthen the plants, so that they get along better or I collect stinging nettle in a bucket, add water to it, let it rest for 12 hours, remove the stinging nettle again and use the swill to spray on the affected leaves. Well, this is easy if you have to spray it on some veggies, but a little different if you have a hedge of over 200 cherry laurels. A deer came into our garden at night and destroyed some plants as well. It seems they love the branches of jostaberry. Sometimes it can be quite challenging. The good news are that I was able to harvest first radishes and even strawberries. One of the three luffa seeds I got from Karolien grew into a tiny luffa plant, I am so excited! And the zucchinis I have from Lotte are already blooming!
Let's see how it all develops further and if the plant lice will be graciously. I sowed them lot's of nasturtium as I read they like them ;)



This week's spoonflower fabric design contest subject is "mermaids".
I could not resist taking part again ;)
Thank you!



When alliums were blooming.


Little notebooks

I always use little notebooks to write my to-do lists, ideas and night dreams into them and I like to make them myself. Then I don't have inhibitions to use them, other than with bought ones.
I think I will send some of them to my penfriends ;)



Geese and their funny walks!


Sweet Living 3/2015

Some of my artwork was featured in the last Sweet Living magazine!
I love how it turned out! Syl did a great job creating a mint + coral themed moodboard. She is an awesome photographer! Go and check out her blog and instagram. If you like colorful, happy things, you will love it!


Free your dreams

Thank you for all your kind words about Fred :)
He, Sunny and the garden consumed all of my time, so that I now have to catch up with showing you pictures of the recent time. Some new stationery I printed with my hand-carved stamps and I hope soon I'm also able to write some letters again. I have another diana mini film developed. Curious how this one will turn out. There was a publication of some of my illustration work that I haven't shown you yet which I really love. So, see you soon again!



This is Fred, a little starling baby that I found last Wednesday near our terrace. He was fallen out of his nest, but I was not able to put him back, because of the height and spot where it was located. He looked poorly. For some time I was just observing him, if maybe his mother would come to feed him, but nothing happened. So I took him inside and called the wildlife rescue center to get all informations how to care for him. I had to get living insects, but unfortunately I got only 2 boxes of crickets and they told me that they don't get more living food until next Wednesday. I had dried beo food from last year when I had the same situation with two little sparrows, but this is not the best food to raise such a bird, so I was quite stressed. I had to feed him every half hour and meanwhile I was searching for insects in the garden. You won't believe how much such a small birdie eats! I was up all nights and super relieved that he survived. Most found baby birds do not survive the first night. Unfortunately I had to give up in the end, because I could not get enough live food for him, so we had to bring him to a wildlife rescue center quite far away from here. I'm still exhausted from not being able to relax nights and days, but it was worth it. I will miss him, but I am sure he is doing  good where he is now and they will know better how to return him to the wild when he is big enough. I read it can be tricky with starlings as they become fast too tame. Well, this was the story of Fred.
And I will catch up sleep  now! Good night! ;)