In love with those vibrant reds 



{picture from linidesign}

It was one of my best friends birthday in April and I decided to surprise her with a pillow with my flamingo design on it. I had it produced by Bags of Love in London and it turned out great! It was kind of hard to part with it, but I know it will be cherished where it is now ;)





the wind, the wind...

Windy days...
Love to ride the bike in the countryside and finding hidden little houses.
I spotted this little garden gnome and remembered that I don't have one for my garden yet. Actually I don't like too much kitsch, but a single one on a nice spot like on the picture can be charming ;)


Blue + violet

So much to think and do, I completely forgot to show you this new wool rug that I finished last month. It is 108cm in diameter.
Have a sunny day!


garden update

At the beginning of the month I cleaned up my greenhouse completely, mixed the soil with some compost and started to sow radish, mustard leaf, spinach, rucola and planted some leaf lettuce.
Because I always tend to forget where I sowed what I used to write the name on little wooden sticks, but with sun and watering they bleach out and go bad, so I had the idea to collect some stones and write the vegetable names on them with waterproof ink and giving them a finish with transparent spray varnish and I must say it works perfectly ans also looks pretty.




Evening walk

On Thursday we had temperatures up to 27 degrees, afterwards it changed drastically, we had minus degrees tonight and I had to bring many plants from the greenhouse inside again. I will be glad when I don't have to worry about my plants anymore and temperatures are more stable.
Yesterday we made a nice evening walk in the Heldenberg area. Everything was full of blooming periwinkles and we saw so many rabbits, deer, ducks and geese - it was lovely!


Spring birds

Happy Friday!


blooming tree

On my first bike ride of the year I found this amazing blooming tree with a tiny stream beneath.
It was such a magical place, the sun painted everything in a warm golden light and you could hear an orchestra of insects swarming busily around the blossoms.


Bravo Girl

A part of one of my stamp tutorials that I made for the DaWanda DIY book was published in Bravo Girl :)