I got myself a middle ages hat. Plan is to wear it while working in the garden to protect my head from the sun. I like it a lot and it made me daydreaming of ancient times. The blouse is also vintage. :)
Have a good start into the new week!


White snowflake

Some time ago Lotte asked me to make this white doily rug for her.
Of course I loved to make it and I think it will fit perfectly to her and her lovely home. 
It's always so nice to know where my handmade items go.
Thank you, Lotte!


Bee happy + eat good!

Just noticed that I have forgotten to show you my bee cards, that I made in November.
Among others they are available in my etsy and dawanda shop, if you like to send some spring greetings to your beloved ones!


Sewing part 3

If I start something new, it's hard sometimes for me to stop,
so I sewed another shift dress, but again slightly changed the pattern,
so now it fits perfectly!
My monstera got some pretty new leaves since I cut off some pieces for propagation.
All in all you can tell by looking at the houseplants that spring it coming, they all start to grow more again and are looking fresher.
Have a nice day!


Another dress

Another dress. Same fabrics, different pattern.
The pattern is from the book "Dresses" from Built by Wendy. (Wendy Mullin)
The basic pattern is called "shift dress".
I'm still enjoying my crochet cushion that Lotte made for me very much.
{There is a giveaway you can still join here on Vibke's blog!}
Wishing you all a sunny weekend!


The new gardening year starts!

I guess winter sleep is over and slow but steady the new gardening year starts.
I planned to make a lot of things different this year considering the experiences I have made during the last year. First step is to create bigger garden beds outside to have more space for everything. In the first picture you can see the old patch still, it looks tiny now in between the planned bed area. I still had some rucola and parsley in the greenhouse over the winter and on the third picture you can spot some allium that I have planted in autumn. Lily's houseleek has grown good since she sent offshoots to me. I replanted them and yesterday I saved all the perennial plants from the little garden bed to be able to plant them in the bigger one soon again. All in all I am super excited and can't wait for warmer weather to come to be able to do more outside! 
Have a good Thursday!


Sewing Hannah

I finally sewed again!
And I am really happy about it, because I postponed it for such a long time.
I found the sewing pattern "Hannah" and ordered it to try it out.
I think it is super sweet, but a bit too big, so maybe I will sew another one, one size smaller, but it would make a wonderful pregnancy dress, haha ;-D



I'm tied to bed since a week now.
Here are some pictures I have made at the beginning of March,
when there was this one sunny day. Actually with Sunny dog, all days are sunny :D

Oh, and I have good news, my coral mint animal pattern made it into the Top 10! (Place five)
Thank you everybody, who voted for me!



On my Birthday last Friday I made an evening walk by myself in the forest until it was dark to think about my life.
I wonder how many footsteps I have made in those thirty-four years.
I wonder how many blades of grass I have touched.
How often did I say I'm done with this world, only to stand up again afterwards and move on.
How many times I opened the window as wide as my arms to breathe in the morning dew.
How many times I stared at the moon and wondered if you are doing likewise.


Black and white wool rug

A custom-made wool rug for the room of Helen's cute little baby girl.
It's so nice to know where my hand-crafted products go :)
I was super happy when she showed me a picture and short movie of her daughter lying on the rug, kicking and smiling :)

{picture by Helen}


Coral mint pattern

Two new patterns I designed for the weekly spoonflower contest. I sent in the first one for the contest, but I will activate both soon, so that they will be available as fabric in the future.
Have a nice Saturday!!!