merry + bright

Merry Christmas to you all!
Thank you for all your support over the years!


23. December

Today it was really unusual warm. Around 15 degrees, far away from a white Christmas.
We made a walk under a big white moon and watched the sunset.
All good.


the tree

It's that time of the year again.
The Christmas tree and I are having a blast!


sun rug

I made this "sun rug" to compensate the grey & misty weather. It turned out to be exactly 1 meter. It is always hard to tell how big a rug will be in the end, because of the pre-felting process. My monstera does not care if it's dark outside, it enjoys the heat of the tiled stove and got some new leaves lately. Soon I have to make room for the Christmas tree ;)



Another postcard set...
Yesterday I had an interview with another magazine. 
Oh, how I wish those kind of things wouldn't make me so nervous.
Always find it so hard to speak about myself. Even here on this blog I struggle for words.
How much easier is it, to just show a picture. I long for a world where no words are needed.



We made a walk around the castle Ernstbrunn. The grey weather made a very odd atmosphere. I love that old abandoned factory and all the tall trees. This place must also look amazing covered in snow! But it seems this Christmas will be snow-free again.


Busy times!
Don't forget to take some time for centering yourself!
Have a lovely weekend!



happy holidays

Another set of Christmas postcards.
{Available now in my DaWanda + Etsy shop}


November snail mail

Two lovely letters from Sara. I love how she includes always one of her photos!
On the first photo you can see the pilea I once sent to her :)

A second letter from Polly from overseas :)

Sandra surprised me with gifts for Sunny! A hot dog costume and a hooded sweater! Pictures of Sunny wearing them will follow! :)

Another lovely letter from Katyha! What a pretty pineapple bag - and those labels!

Last but not least, another package from Sylvie. I'm super happy with those wooden christmas tree ornaments! Makes me want to decorate a tree just now!

Thank you all so much!


pop up shop

Etsy Mikromarkt has started!
If you are in Vienna the next weeks and looking for unique gifts, feel free to stop by!


snow & wool

It snowed for one day.
Never does crocheting a wool rug feel better than in winter -
it warms you while working on it.
Have a cozy evening!



I could not resist making a print of the elephant illustration I've originally made for those address labels + it is getting wintery in my home. A new crystal joined my collection last weekend: the green fluorite sphere. I'm in love!


the woods

All leaves are gone now, the season of naked trees has begun. Waiting for a white blanket.
Yesterday I spotted the first snow flakes, but they dissolved on the ground again.


pilea peperomioides

I never thought that one of my pileas will ever grow that big in only 2 years!
It is amazing and I feel very grateful! It produced so many offshoots, I was able to send so many of them away to so many different places and countries. I hope those who have one are still happy with it! Wishing you a cosy Sunday! It seems winter is finally arriving!