Snail mail June

June is already nearly over again,
that means snail mail review!

A wonderful package from my friend Susanna, who will soon get her baby! I am so excited!
Unfortunately the cute doggie got damaged on the post way.
 Another surprise package from my friend Larissa. :)
Plants in my mail box! This is always exciting! Lily sent me some cuttings of her houseleek. It will be ideal for it here, because of the dryness we are having here!
Some time ago I sent Anna a baby pilea and 2 oxalis bulbs, plants that she wanted for longer time, but could not find in shops where she is living. Shortly afterwards she surprised me with this awesome parcel. Handmade dishcloths and lots of tea! :)
 Another lovely letter from Amalia from Greece!
First letter from my new pen friend Joy!
{Sorry, that you had to wait so long, but there is something on the way to you now!}
Another sweet letter from Lily who always is spoiling me like crazy!
A postcard from Lily and one from Sylvie.


Morning, pretty!

When I was a child I had a budgie. I remember,  he was waddling on my notebooks when I was trying to make homework. He loved to sing with the radio and sit on my shoulder. What a lovely little guy he was! This breakfast board is dedicated to my dear sister, who also loves birds!


Breakfast board

Here it is, breakfast board number one with my city pattern.
Hope you like it!


Summer fields

Nature is so pretty at the moment! My bf is on holiday,
so we are having more time together and making little bike trips in the evening sun :)


Doily rugs

Still working on my crochet order. 10 rugs in the last 2,5 months.
Sometimes I wonder myself where I do take my time ;)



It's pattern time again. My contribution for this week's spoonflower contest.
Happy Friday!


garden update

Last weekend we finished our berry half circle with planting a red currant. We made a new garden bed directly next to the greenhouse to have some shelter from sun and wind. I planted nearly all the tomato plans that still have been in a pot. Sunny helped me of course :) The wool I used as a natural long-term fertilizer to put around the roots of the plants. It may look odd, but it is really a good way to keep your plants happy and the roots humid. The apple tree got new blooms! I have never seen that in my life before at this time of the year! Last but not least, a pretty butterfly on my dry hand (from working in the garden).
Thank you all for voting for my postcard! It made me very happy!
The voting is still open until tomorrow!


DaWanda UH14 contest

I just got the great news that my Vienna post card got selected for the German creative contest "Unsere Heimat" ("Our homeland") of DaWanda to represent my country!
I would be happy if you vote for me until the 20. of June ---> here
Just press the "like" button when you are logged in in facebook!
(mine is at the bottom of the site)
Thank you! I wish you all a goo start to the week!


Evening walk

A much-needed Sunday evening walk with wide-eyed trees ;)


Remember my strawberry patterns? I told you that I made them for a particular purpose. Oh, nothing big actually, no big commission or so, I just wanted to make someone happy that loves fruits, so I designed these patterns and created a little notebook and tags for homemade jam or they are also suitable to use as gift tags. I made some more to surprise some of my snail mail friends in future :)
And I made my first homemade strawberry jam :)


Frau Kakau

Do you know Frau Kakau already? I ordered this pretty, pretty red handmade clutch from her. I love it!
Here you can check out her other sewed creations on her blog, DaWanda and Etsy shop!
Have a nice weekend!