Snail Mail February 2014

Yesterday I took up wood printing again. The first layer is finished!
I made some changes, but more about it another time, because

it's snail mail time again!

First mail was from Lily again! As you may already noticed, she spoiled me all the month round :)
I can't wait to read that book! But I have to finish some other books first. I tend to start several books at once and then they lie in piles under my bed. How about you? What are your reading habits?

The second package was full of findings from Lily's trip to the north! I love shells!
Thank you so much! 
This little birdie flew a long way over the ocean and brought some pretty cards with Sandra's awesome encaustic art on them. Have you checked her blog with her creative adventures already? I would highly recommend it!
On Valentine's Day my father sent me a collection of tulip stamps. He is sharing the love for stamps with me. His collection is huge!
 Isabell sent me this "Thank you" package for making a tutorial for her great blog.
Isn't that sweet of her!
Another lovely letter from Katyha! I especially adore the little vintage bird cards :)
Thank you, my dear!
A wonderful surprise package from Lisa! I'm really looking forward to answer your letter - so happy that you started writing again :) Thank you for all the extras!



I'm pretty busy at the moment, but I want to show you quickly some patterns that I made of my last illustrations. I could not resist! I'm planing offering them in my spoonflower shop.
Have a good Wednesday!


Tulips + Interview M i MA

No spring flowers are showing up outside yet,
but inside they are growing on my walls. ;)
– – – – –
Do you know M i Ma? It's a great thoughtful lifestyle blog, wonderfully designed and written by Indre Zetzschke. She was so kind to ask me for an interview. If you are curious, you can have a look ---> here! {It is in German, though}
Have a good start to the week!


Sunday morning walk

What a nice day. Cold, but sunny and awesome clouds!



I opened a society6 shop!
It's nice to see some of my designs on different products :)
Feel free to have a closer look!


Doily rug




Some more pears and bugs...



Illustrating + writing letters 


this & that

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!
A lot of printing is going on here. More stationery for my little online shop.
My geranium is back from hibernation and it is doing good!
I'm happy 'bout that because in Vienna my geraniums always died during winter.



Happy Valentine's Day!



I neglected crocheting the last  months, so I started the first doily rug of the year.
A forest green one.
The slippers are made by my mum, I love them and Sunny likes them obviously too ;)
I hope you are doing good!



... 1 Observing birds.
2 + 3 Happy to see one of my stamps in this pretty magazine.
4 Caring for my mother's plants.
5 Finally finding some time to read frankie.



Sun today!!!
I hope it is also sunny where you are!
Have a nice weekend!