Snail mail January

January has nearly passed. Time to show you my mail box treasures!
First mail of the year was from Lily! Oh what a joy!
This pretty parcel is from Yoojin! She also has a big love for good old mail!
She sent me so many different little treasures, it was a pleasure to unpack every single item!
Go, have a look at her pretty blog! She showed some really nice stationery folding techniques recently.
Remember the pretty cards Mi Joya sent me in December? She spoiled me with even more of them!
I really love them!
January postcards: The first is from Sandra and the other three are from Lily :)


Red Moon

 Snow has come, not much, but enough for a nice winter walk.


Inspiring books

Every now and then I want to share my favorite books with you.
This is definitely one of them! It is called "Mut zum Skizzenbuch" which means something like "Having the courage to use a sketchbook".  Sorry, I can't translate it better. The author, Felix Scheinberger, did an awesome job. It is really super inspiring and it helped me getting rid my fear of the blank page. It is only in German though, but I am sure it will be translated in the future. For all who don't speak German, go check out his website and have a look at his sketches, you won't regret it!
I will show you his other books soon!


The Lake House

I hope you don't mind this illustration overload recently ;)


It's getting colder, maybe winter is coming after all.
I wanted to wait with removing the christmas tree until it has snowed at least one time, but some days ago I gave in ;)


tea time

After some not so good news, I'm having a nice cup of tea!

tree eating moon

Finally my last wood prints are dry!
tree eating moon
{Din A3, 29,7 x 42 cm • 200g acid-free paper}
printed with oil-based paint
limited edition of 12


window sill

Further it goes...
Happy Thursday!


the swan

I'm very happy that you like my new collages!
Thank you for all your kind comments!
I have some vivid childhood memories of a swan called "Jakob" living near the quarry pond where we used to be a lot in summer. He was beautiful, but a little scary at the same time.
Ps: Still waiting for my last oil woodprints to dry....



Have you ever been to Venice?
I have been there twice and I loved it! 
So, I thought it deserves a collage :)
And I found some old photographs of my first visit. I think it was back in 1991, I remember that I had this funny little camera with a jeans fabric cover. Ah, so long ago!


Forest bird

So, here it is - the collage I told you about in my last posting. As I already said, I love simple and bold shapes and the feeling of imperfection. I thought it would make a nice poster also, so I printed it out on 6 sheet of paper and glued them together - now it is hanging above the bed. Once again I could not decide about the color.

Playing with shapes

Yesterday I replaced my carving tools with some paint, oil pastels, paper and scissors and worked on a collage. I really love playing with simple shapes and creating compositions. I will soon show you the result! So stay tuned :) Sunny was watching me more or less patiently :)



After being a lot in the basement lately, today's forest walk was a welcome change. It was very muddy and the weather was kind of dull, but just being surrounded by trees was a time-out for the soul. We spotted some deers and I was able to capture one with my camera. At the end I discovered this old draw well, it really looks fairytale-like, don't you think? How was your weekend so far?


tree eating moon

The "tree eating moon" is an illustration I made in November. I did not show it, because I knew that I would carve it someday. All the woodcuts I made so far have been kind of preparatory work for this one. It is the biggest so far and I enjoyed creating it very much :) Hope you like it!
Wish you a comfy weekend!


fabric designs

Some fabrics with my designs that I haven't showed you yet.
These and some more are available on my spoonflower site.



I really love to see how other people live, that is the main reason why I also give insights into my home.
Yesterday I cleaned up my workspace - always a good & freeing feeling and makes it easier to start new projects. 
The little wooden duck between the thread cones has made my father at Christmas :) I love it!
I wish you all a good start to the week!