Illustrated dreams 3

This was a funny dream:
My friend and I were in an inflatable boat, but not in the water,
we were floating very fast in the air above a big river. It was really great!


Snail mail May part 2

Lucky me! Cococita sent me 2 Flow magazines {both English issues}. I love them!
Makes me glad to think that you also share the love for these kind of magazines! Thank you so much!
These cards are all from Lily! Another pretty bird card for my collection + the last card really is the best! Hahahaha! So funny! And did you ever got a card of a train station? It made me daydreaming of traveling myself :) Thank you, my dear!
A very unexpected surprise from Emmel! I saw this handmade pouch on her blog and I really loved it, I love all her stitch art! And she was so kind to surprise me with it! :) :) :) Thank you!!! Now it's my turn again!


Illustrated dreams 2

In this dream I was in the home of my friends mother. There were many plants, but one was special, so it got my full attention. It looked like on the illustration, woody parts that were kind of plugged into each other with only few leaves. One branch was much longer than the others and slowly moving in a circle. It was quite hypnotizing. After I stared a while at this rotating branch, it suddenly fell off! Although I didn't touch it, I felt responsible about it, so I started to make a lot of cuttings from that one branch to save it somehow.


Hello sun!

A short visit of the sun!
Things are looking up with me finally, I can feel it. Fortunately!
Your wishes helped! Thank you so much!
On my last walk I found this pretty feather. It looks like one of some bird of prey, what do you think?


Dreams 1

I'm still sick, slowly growing desperate.
Weather is not helping either.
5ยบ temperature at the end of May!
Yesterday I capitulated and turned on the heating again.

Ok, enough wailing! Here is my first dream illustration:

It is about one of my recurring dreams that I have since many years now. I'm in a room with an aquarium and suddenly notice that the fish are not inside anymore, instead they are flying all around the room, acting like it's their natural environment. I'm kind of concerned they might suffocate, so I catch them to put them back into the aquarium. 
– – – – –
Have a nice weekend!


Being home

Thank you for your recovery wishes and telling me about your dreams!
I really like to hear about your night adventures!
– – – – –
Tonight I dreamed that I met Jim Carrey. My friend Susanna took pictures with her mobile phone of us while we made the strangest and funniest positions. It was really funny! There was an interesting detail in the dream also. My friend was able to place the mobile phone anywhere she wanted and if she pressed a certain button the phone stayed exactly where it was. So it stayed in the middle of the room levitating. And it felt like totally normal technology. Very practically. Wouldn't it be nice if this was true, for example for cameras, you would never need a tripod again.
– – – – –
{second picture: A forgotten ginger started sprouting, so I put it in soil. I think I never saw a ginger plant in real, so I am excited to see how it looks when it grows bigger}


I am you III

art series
Hi, there, I am sick since a week now and despite of feeling any better, I feel worse every day, as if something is coming up with diverse new symptoms spreading into every corner of my body. So I could not really go outside on this long weekend we have behind us. But the sleepless nights also have something good. A lot of time reflecting and also some ideas popped up. 

For example: Do you dream a lot? Or better to say: Do you remember many of your dreams? As I may have told already in this blog, I have very vivid dreams and most I can remember quite well. 
Some are not so nice, but some are really cool. The best dreams are the ones of course where I am aware of dreaming, where I can do simply everything I want, but I also like the others with strange, unpredictable content. And I thought it would be nice to illustrate some of the fancier dreams. Just to have an illustrated dream diary.

Last night I had one of my recurring dreams. One that I don't like so much. It is now 14 years ago that I had my final exams and I still dream that I am sitting in class short before these exams. And I am wondering the whole time why I have to make it, because somehow I know that I already finished school. And I am kind of freaking out, because I am not able to translate Latin anymore or calculating like we did. These dreams vary slightly, but the theme is the same.

Ok, enough now... Stay healthy + read you soon again!


I am you II

art series


UFOs and blueberries

First blueberries for breakfast.
I finally finished this rug,
that was lying like forever in my wool basket. 


Snail mail May part 1

A kitschy card from Mallorca of my friend Filippo :)
This package arrived at just the right moment! Lily sent me this wonderful japanese sewing book and selfmade whale bag! I love it! Thank you so much!! Something is on the way to you, too!
Last time when I was in the forest I had suddenly to think of Mina's Lavender sachets, because everything was smelling so good and I  saw it as a sign to order them.
Now one is lying under my pillow and the other one under the pillow of my bf :)
Go and have a look at her great little etsy shop, you will not regret it!
 Yesterday this pretty card from Sandra arrived! Thank you also for your movie advice! I will definitely watch "Power of art"! Sounds very interesting!





I am you

Hi there! Yesterday Human Empire selected the winner of the City Poster Contest. I did not make it with mine, but taking part is everything, don't you think? And I still like my contribution :)
– – – – –
I started to create a series of artwork that I call "I AM YOU"
which is all about seeing yourself in others and being aware that you can be alone,
but that this does not mean that you have to be lonely.
Here is the first picture. Hope you like it!
Have a great weekend!


In the country

Yesterday was a holiday, so we drove into the country to make a boat ride. Afterwards we found a nice place under a tree to relax and round off the day.


Chaos and order

Heavy rain and thunderstorms and playing with chaos and order.


New stationery

Hand-stamped a lot of new stationery. I had to stop in the end, because there was no free space left to let them dry. Sometimes it is really a challenge to store the items of my online shop in our flat without real storeroom ;)
Have a good start to the week!


Zygaena III

Happy Sunday!


Zygaena II

Can't believe it's already Friday again!
+ New illustrations.
+ Today and tomorrow is the last chance to vote for my City Poster!
 + New gift tags in my shop!


Sunday walk

Yesterday: many blooming periwinkles, a larch forest and a very happy dog :)