Sowing seeds

Sowed some seeds, now all I need is some patience which is not my strongest point :) I used an old aquarium to have something like a little greenhouse. Last Autumn I put some tangerine pits in my Dieffenbachia pot and in the new year suddenly something appeared. I had forgotten about it and thought it is weed, but then I remembered again and planted it in a separate pot. Don't know if it will grow into a bigger plant, but it's worth a try. My mum gave me the geranium on the last picture and my dad this Stevia plant (last picture on the right). Do you know Stevia? It is a herbal plant ideal to replace sugar. I discovered it in 2006 when I had to make a diet without any carbohydrates. Since that I am using it and keep a plant nearly every year on my window sill.


Moving cards

Finally an english version of my moving cards.
(Available in my shop now)
Here the sun is gone and it rains, but the plants outside already needed it.
Have a great weekend!


Mail mail mail

Surprise mail from Sylvie. Thank you so much! I love those little vintage underwater cards!
This package was also a big surprise, it comes from cococita. Since I wrote about my favorite animal the fish everyone seems to spoil me with fish gifts :) Thank you, my dear, I am already using my little notebook and the colored pencils! And I will feed your mailbox soon!
Last but not least my long-desired hand knitted socks from the master of knitting socks: Sarah. I'm so happy with them! She used yarn with watermelon colors, we both love watermelons :) And not only that, she also sent me a pillow case with a cute bird pattern, easter sweets, seeds and little handmade Fimo watermelons. Thank you!

Grey doily rug

It seems blogger has a problem with uploading pictures at the moment. Please let me know if you can't see them. Here is the grey doily rug that I finished recently. Yesterday was sunny and warm again, so good to be outside for some time. I have to show you some great new packages I got, more in the next post. 


Walk with frogs

Pictures from our walk on Sunday. There where so many frogs and also mice jumping and running around everywhere in the forest. Oh yes, it's spring! Time to sow some seeds, hope to find some time very soon! 


5 things

I've been tagged by Juultje in this blog game
about telling 5 personal things about yourself.
5 things you didn't {want to} know about me

1. I can't stop buying toothpaste, I have always at least 5 different at home, same with dental floss.

2. When I make pictures I always watch out that there is no car around, I don't like cars on my photos.

3. My very first career aspiration was to become an opera singer.

4. I like long underwear on men :)

5. I have regularly lucid dreams where I'm totally aware of dreaming and where I can do everything I want without harming myself. Mostly I fly around or go to supermarkets to eat all the candy.
I don't tag anyone specific,
everyone who want's to play, is welcome!



Yesterday was such a beautiful and sunny day. Met my friend Susanna and we went to the park to enjoy the weather and had a long talk about everything and anything. And we saw the first blooms of a magnolia tree. When I came home I finished another doily rug :) I hope your Saturday was a good one, too!



Working on a new pattern & wishing you a fabulous weekend!


Violet doily rug

A violet one.
I guess many more will follow :)
It's so nice to play with patterns and color.


A dark cyan one

Numer 2 of the 3 I have spoken of. It's always so nice to put the finished rug out of the washing machine to see the result. You may ask about the pattern – for big doilies like this, I often have to change patterns that it fits in the end. The normal doily patterns are mostly made for very thin thread and small needle size. Sometimes it's a bit of a struggle, because I have to undo rows over and over and use more mathematics that I would like to, but in the end it's worth it :)


A little walk beneath the freeway. Everywhere is beauty to be found.


Red doily rug

Back in Vienna there are already 3 doily rugs waiting for being posted here (they will all be found in my shop soon). This is the first, a loud red one. On the left are catkin twigs I got from my father-in-law-to-be. Aren't they nice? I'm happy about all the sun lately, it makes everything easier, also taking pictures. 



Crocheting & enjoying the warm evening sun on Sunday.
Hope you had a nice one, too!


Snowdrops and wild garlic

Today I made a walk in the riparian zone of the danube with my mother. All was full of snowdrops and  wild garlic. We collected some for lunch. Sunny met some swans again, he is always interested in birds :) I hope you all have a sunny weekend, here it was 16 degrees! A welcome contrast to the past days.


Month of snail mail

Really, I think I never ever got so many packages like this last month. It's incredible and always such a joy to open them and see what's in them. Also I think I never made so many packages myself in such short time.
This lovely letter is from Julie. So many sweet surprises, I especially love the tiny doily and the vintage bird stickers. I will hang the doily on my Easter arrangement :) Thank you, Julie!
Lily does not stop to spoil me, she sent me this birthday package with a new paper clip for my collection, pretty blue fabric & lace, funny stickers and layers of a cactus that she has many years now. I hope it will grow roots soon :) Thank you so much!
After I sent Ellen a little surprise letter, there came something back so quick. I could not believe my eyes when I saw what she had made for me. A stitched picture of myself sitting on my rocking chair while crocheting, you can even spot Sunny playing with his ball on my carpet. I really did not expect something special like that! I will frame this piece of art for sure! Thank you so much, also for all the other things, the painting of the horse is great, you have a very unique style!

Before I forget, Ellen has a giveaway on her blog now!
Go, have a look and give it a try!
Last but not least, my friend Julia wanted to get rid of her stationery and because I could use it, she sent it to me, but not only that, she filled the package with a lot of little surprises and a birthday card. Thank you, Julia, I hope you will soon get my package, too!