Did some repotting yesterday. Also I started a new rug some days ago. Had a bad night unfortunately and am happy that it's a new day.


Elvis & Falco

In case you get bored of all my leaf stamps, here is something different. Elvis & Falco. You probably all know Elvis, but do you also know Falco? This question goes especially to the not german speaking countries.


Pictures of yesterday's evening walk. It's getting dark so early now, but I really enjoy the change of the seasons. I would not want to live in a country where it is always warm or cold. It's the change that makes life interesting.


Leaves, leaves, leaves

Not much to tell. More leaves instead.


Sun day

Blue sky today.


And even more

Purple post

Lovely design of a simple water bottle, makes it easy to drink lots of pure water which is one of the best things you can do for your body. My purple shamrock in it's full beauty at the moment.


Evening sky

Some pictures of yesterday's evening sky on our way back to Vienna. A colorful season has started. Wish you a good start into the weekend!


More leaves

I'm freezing. Weather has changed a lot! But when I am creating, I don't feel temperature, hunger or thirst. It even seems I'm not there at all. I like that!


Ordinary day

1. Sorting out things and arranging them new relaxes me.
2. Eating zucchini again and again. This time: yellow one fitting to this magazine from the organic supermarket. Best things in life are for free, so was the magazine :)
3. One of my plant cuttings surprised me with a flower!


Fabric poster

Recently I had the idea to print some fabric posters. Here I tested it, but my plan is to carve more leaf stamps and show all different leaves on one poster. Hope it will come out like it's in my head.

Good mail!

Time to show you what's been in my mailbox the last weeks.
1. Lovely letter, cards and tea from dear Lisa.
2. Lily surprised me with this awesome fabric and her first attempts of carving rubber stamps. And look at the cute Kiwi she painted for me :)
3. Dear B. sent me 2 leaves from her trip to Stockholm :)
Thank you girls, it is always great to get mail from you!


Finding home

It's long ago since I last wrote about our search for a house. On Saturday we were visiting one again. The surrounding was stunning, but the house itself was in a really really bad condition. The walls are all wet with big cracks, the roof and floors rotten... The best solution would be to pull it down and build something new, but that is not what we wanted.
On a walk there we found this perfectly round bird nest.


And the winner is.....

Today I prepared everything for Sunny to pick a winner for the christmas tree giveaway, but he only stretched next to the bowl with the names, gave me the very bored look and went back to sleep, haha! Maybe it was too early for him. Oh well, pets should be free, so I had to take the number generator instead and if I counted it right, the lucky winner is: Demie! Please send me your adress to wideeyedtree AT gmail DOT com and the little trees will soon be yours!


Palm leaf stamp

Another new stamp & what I eat nearly every day at the moment.

Last chance to join the giveaway!


Leaf stamps

Fitting to the time of the year, I carved some more leaf stamps. A chestnut leaf, another monstera and ginko leaf and a little four-leaf clover. On the last pictures you can see all the different leaf stamps I have made so far (not included the one's for the shop). Happy Wednesday everybody!