For the big mistakes

Couldn't resist buying this huge rubber and I have a new geranium which should get purple flowers, hopefully. I wish you all a nice day!



I unfortunately overdid needlework recently and got a tendinitis on my right arm/hand. So no crochet for some time now :( Because some of you were curious I updated my flickr with some of my drawings. Maybe I should draw more instead of crochet til my arm is better, but I fear even that would be painful at the moment.


Strawberry bloom

1. Today I cleaned my desk (I can work so much better when all is clean and orderly) and made prints of some of my drawings.
2. On Sunday my father gave me this Strawberry plant. He brought it home from a trip to Italy. I have never seen a Strawberry plant with pink flowers before!
3. Felted the doily I have made during the boat trip. It worked well again.
Thank you for all your kind comments to my new rug and generally!
They made me very happy!


Proudly presenting:

Yesterday I worked unremitting on my new rug and today I was able to finish it. I had to sew up 101 threads in the end. It's diameter is 102 cm which is 40,16 inch, my biggest rug so far. Now I am tired but happy :)


Boat trip

On Saturday we made an 7 hour boat trip with our very comfortable rubber dinghy. The weather was perfect, it was an awesome day! I hope you also enjoyed your Easter weekend!



Finally I got my new CUT magazine. It's one of my favorite magazines and I am always looking forward to it. Unfortunately it comes out only twice a year, so waiting is quite hard :)
Some days ago I started a new rug. This time I want to use a lot of different pieces of wool, but in a similar colour tone - so there will be a lot of threads to be sewed up in the end, which is not my favorite part of crocheting, but I hope it will be worth it and makes finally an interesting look. We will see!


3 walks

Yesterday I made three walks. One with Sunny in the city, one alone in the city and one in a forest with my bf and Sunny. I enjoyed it a lot! The light in the forest was magical!



Yesterday I took some time to make new buttons which is actually quite fun and it's always nice to see them all together in one place. I use them mostly for gifts and as little extras when I have sold something. The motifs are all self-made illustrations, drawings or photos.


Big rug

Jessica, the writer of the lovely recipe blog honeymoonchild, asked me about this rug and I thought it is worth to post about it. My mother made it and gave it to me because Sunny was freezing a lot when he was a baby and one time even fell on his head. He should have had some safe and warm place to play. I think it is an awesome piece of work which surely needed a lot of wool and patience. (Its diameter is about 62 inch = 158cm)

A little light

I love when the sunlight comes into our flat especially in the mornings and evenings. I once had a really lovely small flat, but I had to move out 'cause all the windows have been on the north side and this is something I can't handle for longer time. Only sometimes when a neighbor from the opposite building opened a window suddenly a light flash crossed my room. This was quite a highlight :)


Felt wool • part 2

My second felt attempt worked out much better. Washing temperature was the same like last time (40º), but the spin speed was 900 instead of 700. What a big difference!


New doily

My doily is finished and here are the promised pictures.
The diameter is about 18,5 inch (47cm).
Happy Sunday!


Saturday walk

Some pictures of today's walk. It's quite cold here. In the night temperatures drop below zero degrees again. I don't feel very well, freezing all day and my head is aching, maybe I get a cold. Nevertheless I am crocheting a lot. I made another doily out of felt wool and I am working on another doily with normal wool right now. Maybe I can show you pictures of both tomorrow. I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday evening!


Felt wool

I tried out some of the felt wool that I got from my friend Irina to my birthday. I made a big yellow doily out of two skeins and felted it in the washing machine with 40º. To my surprise it didn't change much. (you can see it in the before/after picture) The size is still pretty much the same, but it looks a bit felted and the curves became prettier. I think I will try to felt it again with higher temperature and spin speed.


E.'s dream

I made this little movie which is pretty free of any sense, but what I really wanted to show you is the music in it from Colm Mac Con Iomaire (Emer's dream). I can't describe how much I love it. It touches something deeply inside of me.

Rug No. 14

I finished my blue rug. It's raining all day, but I kind of like it.
BTW the plant on right is new and a gift from my mother :)



Yesterday evening my friend Susanna and I made a walk in the city and saw this big hornet sitting on an old shoe. It really looks kind of evil :) Since some days it is really stormy outside and I have to admit that I can't stand it very much and even Sunny got an eye infection because of the wind. But the good thing is, that finally everything is blooming outside and the smell of the blooming trees in the air is like a gift. My lunch was very simple today: Selfmade spelt noodles from my friend Irina with pumpkin seed oil, salt and homegrown cress. Hope you are all having a good start for the new week!