Yellow doilies

Here are three little doilies I've recently made and look, my peanut plant is showing up for the first time. I nearly can't believe it!



Today R. and I bought annual tickets for the zoo Schönbrunn. Very practical, 'cause it's not far from where we live. Again it was a wonderful warm and sunny day. I was really taken by the ant bears and their lovely face with the small mouth and little ears. The one in the picture was actually sleeping but he was blinking at me when I came close. Too cute!



R., Sunny and I just returned from a four hour walk in the nature. The weather was perfect and I feel like new born. It was even warm enough to have a picnic in the meadow and Sunny jumped around like a mad bunny :)


Blue doily

3 days of constant needle work and in the last row the wool ran out, so I had to buy some more today, but now it's finished, my hands hurt, but I think it's worth it :) The diameter of the new doily is about 22,5 inch (57cm).


Parts of my day

1. A work in progress shot of my new doily.
2. + 3. Sunny dog on a rainy day.
4. My strange food habits - this time:
Chinese noodles with Mozzarella, pickled garlic and curry.


Morning routine

My father-in-law-to-be sent me these catkins which are normally used for easter bouquets, but eastern is quite late this year, so I'm not sure if I will get some more at that time. Anyway, it's nice to have them already! Wish you a wonderful Friday!

Another softie

Another softie with different outfit. He is a bit an egghead,
but don't tell him!


New softie

Here is a new softie I have sewed. For the little extra I crocheted him a vest (with a blue snail button) and a little sock. It was really fun to make its clothes. (Will add it to my shop soon!)
And finally I have seen some primroses on my walk in the forest today.

Green doily

Finally it is warmer again, so time to take a blanket and go out into the nature to soak up some sun. Have a good time whereever you are!



Herb kit and peanuts

Today I took care of the herb kit I got from my friend Susanna as a birthday gift. I also got this tin whereof a peanut plant should grow. I am very curious about that and wonder if it really works. We will see :)
Oh, and the little yellow duck in the background is also from her. It's actually a rubber, but I think it's too good to use it.


Big doily

I finished my big doily earlier than expected, because it undulates even though I had the pattern from a book. When I looked at the doily in the book again, I saw that it is the same there, but still I am a bit unhappy. Maybe I'll try to flatten it with starch. Anyway, at the moment it is raining night and day and to look at it, makes my day a bit brighter.



Started a new doily. I don't know yet how big it will be in the end. Depends on my amount of wool and endurance I guess :)



It's so good to have some sun!


It's not that I don't love to eat, but I often have problems to feed myself regularly. Especially when it comes to breakfast, I have to force myself to have one. Most of the time it happens that I am concentrated on other things and suddenly notice late in the afternoon that I had only a coffee or tea. I know that it is not good for the body to skip meals, especially the breakfast, but it happens again and again. Once again I intend to have more breakfasts and this is a good start I think. Don't you think that oranges always look delicious on pictures?


Rug No. 12

Yesterday night I finished my twelfth rug. I think I will never get bored of making them.
I wish you all a good start for the new week!

Orchid flowers



I love the quiet evenings. Then I usually take my time for cuddling the dog and doing some needlework while watching Tv.