iTunes Artwork

iTunes Artwork I made for Airwriting this year.

Things I ♥

New notebooks & pens


Red & pink

When I was in the city yesterday, I found this red dress at H&M. The price was reduced, so I had to buy it :) I'm a big fan of red when it comes to colors of clothes, I don't know why. Actually I'm longing for inconspicuous colors around me, like to have a room all in white, but for clothes I choose striking colors most of the time.
Also I started to chrochet new granny squares with a really nice pattern called "Seville" from a book I already showed here half a year ago.


Lovely surprise!

Yesterday I found a package from Lotte in my mail box and look what was inside: those beautiful crocheted doilies with a drawing, 2 skeins light blue wool and a dried flower from the bouquet she recently made. You can't imagine how happy I was! Now I am thinking of giving them a special place. Although plants deserve the best, I think those doilies are too precious to put pots on all of them :) Maybe I will hang some on the wall like a picture or just grace the table with them.


Hundreds of birds

Music: Jon Brion • Theme

Todays walk

Icecold and hundreds of birds.


When I poured milk into my coffee today I noticed that its expiry date is also my birthday date. Can't believe that soon I'm 30. Wanted to sketch my sleeping friend yesterday night, but he moved too often, so I drew something more still, one of my plants. Last picture shows what makes my heart melt.


All the birds

During spring cleaning I found my collection of birds that I made over the years. I laid them on the floor to make a picture. These are still not all, I have another box full of them, some with holes to be able to fix them somewhere and some with magnets on the back to put them on the fridge for example.


Slouch bag

Since long, long time now, I wanted to make this bag from the book "LINEN WOOL COTTON" from Akiko Mano and today was the day I finally sewed it. They call it Slouch bag. It looks so simple, but I had a hard time with the top part where the handles are sewed in, because there were so many layers to sew together at once. Glad that I didn't take a fabric like they used in the book, it is even thicker. Maybe I just should have changed the needle of my sewing machine... anyway, I like it and am looking forward to use it soon!

Patchwork blanket

Yesterday night I made this little patchwork blanket with all the fabrics of my scarp fabric box. Many of them remind me of something nice, like the blue fabric with the ducks, it was the curtain of my brothers and my room when we were children, or the grey fabric was one of my shirts I was wearing on a wonderful holiday in greece. I like this way of saving little parts of my past. How do you save your memories?


Round rules

Some of my crocheted rugs.
I just love circles. I think it is the most harmonious shape that exists.


I just returned from a visit of a friend. She is moving soon, so I took a picture of her living room window view that I always liked a lot. I haven't seen a lot views like this in Vienna. She was also so kind to give me an offset of one of her plants. Sunny was nosy as usual :)


The beauty of grey

House No. 8 + 9

Once again we were looking for houses. The first one we visited last month and the other one yesterday. Both quite cool homes, but the first was only to buy and too expensive for us and the other is still an option, maybe we go there again and have a closer look. I really enjoy visiting those places, it's fun to daydream about how I would place our furniture or how I will lay out the garden.


Valentine's Day

This year I crocheted little hearts for Valentine's day and sent them away. The pattern is from this website. I got a wonderful bouquet of spring flowers that I appreciate all the more since it is snowing again in Vienna. Hope you all can share this day with someone you love!


Flower bag

On Friday I was with a friend of mine in a big fabric store and 'cause I got some really nice fabrics I replaced my crochet hook by my sewing machine and sewed this bag. (Will soon add it to my shop) I already sewed 4 like that, but this time I made a lining with an inner bag. It took me a whole day to finish. The pattern is my own design of which I'm quite proud of :)
And yes, every sewing project asks its sacrifices, I really every time prick myself with a needle...


Mushroom scarf

I made a scarf swap with Sarah. I sent her the radish scarf I made some time ago and she gave me her mushroom scarf. Yesterday it arrived and I'm so happy with it :) Thank you, Sarah!


Grocery tote

When I was in the mountains I crocheted this grocery tote with a mixture of linen and cotton. The pattern is from purlbee. At the end of the pattern I made an extra row single crochets on the handle to strengthen it some more. I think it's a really practical tote bag, lightweight and pretty to look at.

Crocheted ball for Sunny


I wanna walk up the side of a mountain...

Music: Grandaddy • The Nature Anthem

Mountains again

We have been in the mountains again. In the past I was totally a "sea person", but the more time I spend in the mountains the more I enjoy it. Maybe I was just avoiding them 'cause I don't like winter sports except for sledging, but to be there without all the tourists everywhere is a wonderful mind freeing experience. We watched a breathtaking sunset that made me remind how wonderful our planet is.