Sharing peacefulness.


*a cozy place part 2

This was the most coziest place!
A bed of moss surrounded by firs.
A soft light came through the branches.
The moss was so thick,
that when I stepped on it, my feet completely sank in.
No sound was hearable other than forest birds
and the cracking of moving trees.


*a cozy place

I love all seasons in the forest.
They are all so different and unique.


*garden update

Waiting for the tomatoes to turn red
and eating lots of cucumbers in the meanwhile.
The nasturtium I grew from seeds
that I got from Sylvie via snail mail.


*wild poppy

Isn't that wild poppy field amazing with a row of cornflowers on the side.
I even found one pink corn flower, haven't seen it before!


*june snail mail

Lily sent me this screen print on a shirt, that she made from one of my sketches! Such a lovely surprise!

A first lovely letter from a dear friend who also illustrates.

Happy mail from Sandra!

Katyha from Australia sent me this pretty package!

And last but not least, another wonderful letter from Agata!



A good year for all sorts of rosaceae.
The different pink shades in the warm evening sun – a delight for the eyes!



Summer blue skies and wild camomile.



Another garden update. 
We had very hot temperatures lately, this garden year is still very tricky, lots of my plants died because the wind in combination with the strong sun dries them out completely, regardless of how much I water them and because it is so dry we have extremely many mice this year. They don't eat up the plants so much, but they pull them out while making their tunnels and then the roots suffer. Also lots of chockchafer grubs and greenflies this year. So the outside garden beds do not look very good, but inside the greenhouse it is much better, because plants are more protected from the winds.
So I was able to harvest a lot of mangold where I got seeds from Lily from lisbethsnotes and just now first raspberries are ripe and soon I can pick the first cucumber. For the rest I try to be some more patient. Let's see what the coming weeks will bring! For more pictures, feel free to have a look into Lotte's  and my  garden album on flickr.
Have a lovely day!


*end of spring

Yellow fields and dark clouds.